Captains Mistress

"Although corporates have produced successful modern copies of this game such as MB games Connect 4™, the truth is that it goes back in history at least a few centuries and it has also been known generally as 'four in a row' or 'four in a line'. The game was taken on his exploration voyages by Captain James Cook and he became so engrossed with it during the long periods at sea that his crew gave it the name 'Captain's Mistress', a name which has lodged itself in history.

Players take turns to drop a disk down a chute, the aim being for a player to get four disks in a row, diagonally, horizontally or vertically. Masters Traditional Games has no less than 4 giant Captains Mistress games for you.

Connect 4

At last, the official Giant Connect 4 game - as licensed by Hasbro.

The game is tough and hard-wearing - ideal for children, public events or corporate entertainment. The game board stands 110cm (43 inches) tall, is packed in a strong cardboard box and is strikingly colorful. The game includes 42 colorful plastic disks."


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