Swim With Polar Bears

Since July 2004, in the little town of Cochrane, northern Ontario (Canada), you can visit the Polar Bear Habitat, a kind of local zoo where people can live the once-in-a-lifetime experience of an outdoor swim with polar bears.

Of course, the humans are in a different pool, separated from the bears habitat by just a layer of glass. Can you see the water drops now? There's a bulletproof, shatterproof glass that's almost 9 centimetres thick, because although they're cute, polar bears are among the world's most ferocious carnivores.

It took 20 years for the Polar Bear Conservation and Education Habitat and Heritage Village to get off the ground. When it opened in it attracted some 11,000 visitors in the first six months. And now you’re invited to go and swim with all those bears if you dare.
Polar Bear Exhibit

rocking elephany

I've been on the lookout for some safe and fun things for my crumbcatcher to climb on and rock on without crushing her toes. I think this might work!


Crumb Cathers Around The World

While organizing your Christmas list this year don't forget about the Crumb Cathers around the world who could desperately use a little help from you. (hint hint guilt guilt)Check out the Good Gift Catalogue
"Over 100,000 Good Gifts have given rise to laughter, tears, delight and deep satisfaction, with recipients telling us that a Good Gift stays far longer in the memory than a conventional gift.

As for the ultimate beneficiaries of the gifts, there's the reassuring warmth of knowing that someone cares enough to want to invest in their future.

You're owed heartfelt thanks for your practical action, helping tens of thousands of people onto the first rung of the ladder out of poverty."

Extended African families, often very poor themselves, take in orphans. Help the orphans become a gain not a drain: give a 2-goat dowry (at a cost of only £30 or $54 ) that remains as long as the orphan stays with the family. The gain? Milk for everyone, and the opportunity to build up a flock of goats. In conditions unsuitable for goats, the dowry could be chickens (£30 or $54) or bees (£30 or $54).

Good news for babies in India born with heart problems: surgery can restore complete health. Giving a heartfelt £25 or $45 to the Good Gift Catalogue’s Baby Heart Fund can provide the gift of life, and show the one you love you’re all heart.

In the large tracts of rural India and Africa that lack any medical facilities, you can bring help and healing. For £25 or $45, 10 babies can be born safely because you’ve supplied access to a midwife.
Good Gift Catalogue

Plywood Bunkbed

This is a very cool modern bunk bed!

Prada For Kids?

I was snooping around Zappos for some ballet flats for myself and i came across these Prada Kids flats. If my baby turns out to be anything like me, she will end up with a size 11 foot and that means she will be in a different shoe every few weeks while she grows. So at $104.95 I don't think my little angel will be getting Prada Ballet Shoes. They sure are cute though...


Knockman wind-ups

The Knockman family of characters wind-up to make their own absurd musical movements. created by the Japanese "art band"/"art unit" Maywa Denki, Knockman captures a mix of fun, music and dada-esque design. Great Stocking Stuffers!



Uggabugga is a Swedish kids clothing store that has ah so very bohemian clothing and gifts and with a name like Uggabugga I could not resist checking them out. So sweet...


Color BB2 Set

notNeutral is offering this table with free shipping and if you use Daily Candy's promo code DCDEAL at check out you'll get another 25% off any items. A bit late for a kids table for Turkey Day but there is plenty of time for Christmas!


Cassetta Kids House Made from Recycled Cardboard

The kid's little house is easily assembled without using glue, cam be decorated with stickers included in the kit.
Honeycombed-board is made of recycled paper and water-based glue, and can itself be recycled. During the production phase, all unused pieces are collected and reintroduced into the manufacturing process. The honeycomb is one of the most compression-resistant structures in nature, and can support up to 400000 N/mq pressure. That is why such extraordinarily light materials can resist such strenuous conditions.



Sunday Funnies Loft Bed

This whimsical children's loft bed can be used by both younger and older children. When children are under six years, save the loft bed and guard rails for later use. The roll away bed, ladder/bookcase unit, computer desk, and drawer chest can be used on their own.
Kids Furniture Mart


Gator Morphibian

Over the grass, in the dirt, on the pond! Gator Morphibian is an amphibious 4x4 drive-anywhere full-function RC monster that's 100% waterproof. So it floats on water and rolls effortlessly over rocks. It's hard to give justice to how much fun this toy is just by writing about it, but trust me, give this as a gift to your kid and you'll be fighting for your own turn. It's very funny to watch this gator scoot around the ground and then zip into the pond without missing a beat.
Gator Morphibian Radio Control

LIMITED EDITION Automoblox: Pink C9 Sports Car

Pink and fast! Long before your child will yearn for a Ferrari or recognize a Porsche, they will dream of a C9 sports car. Sleek and racy, it's aggressive stance, 5 spoke wheels and low profile tires scream "sports car." RAY! Vroom Vroom!
Creative Brains free shipping for orders over $30.00!

Desktop Dodgeball



LouseBuster gets rid of lice in 1 session

Head lice -- those nasty nuisances for schoolchildren and parents -- were blown away in half an hour by a new blow dryer-like device its inventors call the "LouseBuster," university researchers report.

The device, which kills bugs and eggs by drying them out, might one day offer an alternative to the powerful delousing shampoos currently necessary for dealing with this widespread problem.

The LouseBuster results were reported in the November issue of the journal Pediatrics by University of Utah researchers who said the device eliminates infestations by preventing reproduction.

The study, involving 169 children in the Salt Lake area, showed the LouseBuster killed 80 percent of hatched lice and 98 percent of eggs on infested children. Enough bugs were killed to prevent remaining lice from breeding so "virtually all subjects were cured of head lice when examined one week following treatment with the LouseBuster," the scientists wrote.

"The idea would be that instead of sending kids home from school, which is a hardship on kids and the parents, a kid might be able to go to the front office and get treated" and return to class, said biologist Dale Clayton, the co-inventor and leader of the research.

The appliance works by blowing twice as much air as a typical blow dryer, he said. Treatments typically take 20 to 30 minutes, he said, although in the study they lasted 30 to 35 minutes.

Clayton studies birds and lice, but after moving to Salt Lake City, Utah, from England in 1996 he found the air was too dry to keep lice alive on laboratory birds. He had to humidify rooms to keep the bugs alive.

If dry air could kill lice on birds, Clayton reasoned, it might do the same on humans. And the project became personal: His own kids had them.

Clayton found temperature was not as important as the amount of air. The air in his device is cooler than a standard hair dryer.

Larada Sciences, a University of Utah company set to market the LouseBuster to schools and doctors, believes the device could be available within two years.

"The device itself will be definitely under $2,000, and hopefully under $1,000," Larada president Randy Block said. "While that sounds like a lot, think about the average parent spending $40 or $50 for a treatment." Chemical shampoos are the most common method for treating head lice. But they often require multiple treatments and do not always kill eggs. That leaves many parents picking the bugs and eggs out by hand.

California banned the use of the chemical lindane in the treatment of head lice because of fears that it was polluting sanitation systems and causing side effects.

The research was partly supported by the National Pediculosis Association, a nonprofit group based in Needham, Massachusetts, that wants to end chemical treatment of lice.

Richard Pollack, a Harvard University researcher and an authority on lice, said shampoos don't deserve a bad reputation.

"People in this country tend to suddenly jump to the conclusion that these things are horribly toxic and dangerous. That's true -- if you're a louse," said Pollack, who said he does not get funding from chemical companies.


Silver Baby Rattle

Crafted of German silver in a simple ball shape, this baby rattle features a hand-tuned sixteen tone sound to soothe and delight. A sweet and unusual gift for baby and new parents, each rattle comes packaged in a beautiful pouch.


Ion Kids- Child Monitoring System

The ionKids system allows you to monitor up to four tagged objects at once. Children, seniors, pets or anything you might lose and want to keep safe. The system consists of a base unit, a handheld device that allows parents to monitor up to four tags simultaneously and a Wristag. Tag holders can be purchased seperately and can be clipped onto belt loops or lanyards; Wristags can be locked on chidlren's wrists. ionKids lets you set a variable zone around the base unit so you will know when your child wanders to far. If you can't find them, use the locating device and let it show you where to go to find them. ENJOY YOUR TIME WITH YOUR KIDS. LET IONKIDS HELP TAKE AWAY THE STRESS.