Crumb Cathers Around The World

While organizing your Christmas list this year don't forget about the Crumb Cathers around the world who could desperately use a little help from you. (hint hint guilt guilt)Check out the Good Gift Catalogue
"Over 100,000 Good Gifts have given rise to laughter, tears, delight and deep satisfaction, with recipients telling us that a Good Gift stays far longer in the memory than a conventional gift.

As for the ultimate beneficiaries of the gifts, there's the reassuring warmth of knowing that someone cares enough to want to invest in their future.

You're owed heartfelt thanks for your practical action, helping tens of thousands of people onto the first rung of the ladder out of poverty."

Extended African families, often very poor themselves, take in orphans. Help the orphans become a gain not a drain: give a 2-goat dowry (at a cost of only £30 or $54 ) that remains as long as the orphan stays with the family. The gain? Milk for everyone, and the opportunity to build up a flock of goats. In conditions unsuitable for goats, the dowry could be chickens (£30 or $54) or bees (£30 or $54).

Good news for babies in India born with heart problems: surgery can restore complete health. Giving a heartfelt £25 or $45 to the Good Gift Catalogue’s Baby Heart Fund can provide the gift of life, and show the one you love you’re all heart.

In the large tracts of rural India and Africa that lack any medical facilities, you can bring help and healing. For £25 or $45, 10 babies can be born safely because you’ve supplied access to a midwife.
Good Gift Catalogue

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