Waterproof Camcorder Goes Under Water!

Sanyo Xacti Waterproof Camcorder
The new waterproof Sanyo Xacti E1 camcorder captures stunning digital video and beautiful 6-megapixel photos -- on land and even underwater!

Practically four cameras in one, the Xacti E1 allows you to shoot both photos and video at a park, birthday party, or virtually anywhere else on dry land. And, when the opportunity presents itself, you can also shoot both photos and video while snorkeling or while just playing around in a swimming pool. This powerful little camcorder easily records both full 640x480 resolution video at 30 frames-per-second and high-resolution 6-megapixel digital still images, all of which are handily stored to a standard SD or SDHC flash memory card (sold separately).


WeeRide Kangaroo Child Carrier

One day about 15 years ago a father took his young son with him for a ride on his bicycle. He had purchased a rear mounted bicycle child carrier and secured his son into the seat and pedalled off. Within ten minutes his son was screaming complaining he couldn't see anything and he was bored and wanted to stop. Once removed from the seat he refused to go back in. The father was forced to carry home his son and push the bicycle. He then concluded that their must be a better way to introduce his son to cycling something he desperately wanted to share with him.

Being a carpenter by trade he quickly created a wooden child seat carrier that mounted in the center of the bicycle, in front of the rider and over the bicycle's center of gravity. His son loved it and so did everyone else who saw it.

WeeRide Kangaroo Child Carrier