TRundle Beds

Here are a couple of trundle bed options that may meet the needs of you child's over night guests. They offer clean lines with multiple storage options.

Animal Bag

Does your child have too many stuffed animals? The Boon Animal Bag is a fun and practical solution for rounding up all those soft critters and putting them to work.
The Animal Bag is an oversized, plush bag that's covered with large, zippered windows made out of transparent, durable mesh. Children can fill the bag with stuffed animals of all sizes, and then use the Animal Bag as a soft sea.

Holiday Home

3 Sets of spiral staircases, translucent ceiling and wall accents and oval-shaped flooring make this a very contemporary 4-level holiday or vacation home. Once assembled in any number of options the three included characters can move from floor to floor to take in the view, take a bath, or cook and have dinner. Modern furnishings (all furnishings shown) for a kitchen, dinette, bath and patio are included.


Camel Kids Chair


Play Desk

A playful alternative to our complete play table. This play desk has the same removable bent maple table that converts into a ramp or lounge. This package also includes our play bench set that is made of fire retardant, high density foam and upholstered with premium vinyl.

Pee & Poo

Pee & Poo

DECT Baby Monitor

Philips has brought us this hi-tech baby monitor that both looks and performs beautifully. The digital technology provides a secured, private connection, because you want to be the only one listening to your baby. The DECT automatically chooses an unused channel and switches as it detects another device using the same channel.

Bamboo Fitted Crib Sheets

Made from 100% Bamboo for a safe and comfortable crib sleep. These fine jersey fitted cribsheets come in assorted colors. Naturally antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, and ultra-soft fabric provide your new born with sleeping comfort. Not to mention, thermal regulating and odor resistant crib sheets to induce naturally sweet dreams.
Ethic Baby


Rock Star Baby Bottle

You don't have to drive around with your new baby on your lap to have your baby be a star! This Rock Star Baby bottle is just the ticket to instant celebrity! This sturdy black plastic bottle with clear nipple and snap-on cap measures 9" around and 7" tall and is what all the little superstars are packin'! Be sure to check out our Rock Star Bib and Hat!


Poang Chair

Check out this doll house chair, it looks just like the Ikea Poang Chair!

Disney Fairy Pixie Hollow Home Tree

Tinker Bell, the beloved pixie made famous by Walt Disney's Peter Pan, invites you to discover her secret, magical world. A world inhabited by her fairy friends. Visit the Pixie Hollow Home Tree with Tink and her pixie friends as they embark on adventures in the fairy world to rescue lost sparrow boys, ward off evil plots, occasionally journey to the human world to spread pixie dust and along the way learn life lessons about friendship, sharing, and teamwork. You must believe in fairies for them to continue to exist. This circle of belief empowers girls to discover and believe through faith, trust, and a little bit of pixie dust.
Disney Fairies Pixie Hollow Home Tree Playset

buster vacuum cleaner for kids

"Buster doesn't have to be hidden away like most other vacuum cleaners, he becomes part of the interior when not in use. The shape derives from a fantasy animal that adds a story to the product which will inspire and enhance the power of play."
via- Red House Design

M is for Modern Alphabet Flashcards

A pocketful of genius. Coolness in a box. A Mid-Century Modern education in 26 remarkably easy lessons. Or a way to keep your kids busy on the train to the City or the 101. Forget A is for Apple. B is for Bauhaus is where it's at.

Chicca Crib


Zeus High Chair

Zeus High Chair by Argington Free Shipping:

- Detachable/Adjustable Tray
- Exceeds all astm and safety standards
- 3-point safety strap
- Clear, non-yellowing, non toxic finish
- Made from durable baltic birch
- Cushion is available and sold separately
- Seat size: 12 x 12
- Seat to floor: 26 inches
- Overall dimension 19" x 23" x 46".
- JPMA Certified
- 12 Months to 4 Years
- Supports 200 lbs


The Zid Zid Table

The Zid Zid table shape is influenced by a Moroccan design and inspired by how children play.
Placed low to the ground, a Zid Zid table is easily accessible for children especially, and easy enough for the whole family to join in on the fun.
Also, the Zid Zid table can accommodate almost any activity and comes with a set of three cozy floor cushions to keep everyone comfortable.
Design Public

The Baby Keeper

The Babykeeper is a patent pending infant carrier style seat, that hangs from the stall wall in most public restrooms, and can also be used in many public fitting rooms.
The Babykeeper also-functions as a safety harness in shopping carts and strollers simply by running the safety strap through the harness straps on.


Big Beetle

This bold, iconic beetle will be emblazed over the chest of your littlest loved one. It's six feelers feeling out across the surface of the tiniest tummys.
Buy Olymipia

Wall Pockets

Ikea is always good for storage solutions.


The Leander Bed

The Leander Bed combines user-friendliness with a considered design; beautiful, simple and functional. Uniquely, the bed grows with the child, matching his or her change in needs as they progress from a baby to toddler and then older child. One purchase gives you 4 items of furniture in a single package.
Leander Form



i Fish

Keep the music playing with this fabulous fish that plays back through its built-in speaker or your headphones! I-FISH entertains you with electronic lights, movements and sounds based on your music!
i Fish

Baby Boo Blanket

These super soft fleece blankets by Modern Basics are perfect for new a baby. Try them in the stroller or the car-seat. The fun designs are sewn with acrylic yarn and a stitched edge. Machine wash and tumble dry
2 Modern

Buddha Laptop

The buddha laptop is a mesmerizing tool for making art. the water soaked brush brings artwork to life, then the masterpiece disappears as the water evaporates and the screen is ready for a new creation. board folds for compact transport. also available in a pre-school friendly version with a refillable water pen.
The laptop has faux metal sides, a tough rubberized shell and comes with japanese calligraphy brush - it's best for ages 5 and up. the pre-school version has a hard plastic shell and refillable pen.

Peak Toboggan

This amazing sled is finally available in the US. The Sirch family has been producing products in wood for over 300 years in Germany, and now is designing and producing very special items for children under the brand name Sibi. All Sibi products are handmade in the Sirch factory in Bavaria, primarily in wood. Sibi products have been awarded the prestigious German "Spiel Gut" design award for toys.
link- Sparkability